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The warlock can even walk on water, as the water walk spell. At a cost of 2 points from his eldritch pool, the warlock can use dispel as the spell. The Spell Penetration item enchantment gives an equipment bonus to spell penetration checks. This is a list of the fixes I'm going to try and get finished by this weekend. I hope it is now easier to understand what I meant.
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At a cost of 1 point from his eldritch pool, the warlock hears whispers in his ears, revealing secrets of the multiverse. A warlock also gains new invocations known at these prestige class levels as though he had gained a level in the warlock class. Essential if you use invocations which directly target enemies, but you can skip it if you don't. A moderate wind or any fire larger than a torch immediately disperses the fog. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which tend to be more consistent than 3. Something does not work as expected? Be very careful when using this, and make sure to pick up an eternal Rod of Bodily Restoration MIC to offset some of the constant ability damage you will be inflicting on yourself.
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Pure warlock perfection « Build | NWN2DB

This ability replaces lifetap. Those talents affect spell hit rating. At a cost of 4 points from his eldritch pool, the warlock can use greater vanish as the spell, but he can target only himself with the dark secret. Let's say you have 7 hit on gear and 10 crit total. Any living creature struck by a sickening blast must make a Fortitude save or become sickened for 1 minute. Eldritch Blast and SR.
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Posted December 31, edited. Posted December 30, Resistance comes after Hit When you cast on a mob, the first thing that happens is the Hit roll. Hey Topdps, Reading your post I realized how dumb was my last conclusion about 40 spellpower and Shadowburn never being a DPS increase. For example, a 5th-level warlock deals 3d4 points of acid damage using Vitriolic Blast instead of 3d6. Shadow Bolt scales better than Shadowburn in damage, which also leads to better damage per mana, so with higher spell damage, the difference will be even larger.
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